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Minimum Redistribution Volume Per Project


Recycling Charges Saved on Redistributed Items


Reported Carbon Emissions

Minimising the Environmental Impact of Office Clearances

Every year, millions of tonnes of office furniture is disposed of which adds to the national waste stream and has a negative impact on a number of environmental factors.

Huge volumes of this furniture and equipment is perfectly reusable, but written down allowances make it commercially sensible to invest in new equipment.

By choosing Waste to Wonder to manage your ethical office clearance, your unwanted furniture and equipment is diverted from landfill and recycling. Instead, reusable items are redistributed to charitable causes around the world, saving you financial costs and reducing environmental impact as a result.

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Reuse: Kinder to the Environment

Add CSR Value

By redistributing your redundant items to charities and schools the environmental impact of creating a new item for those end users is also eliminated.

Save Energy

Reusing items – whether in our School in a Box programme or repurposed through our social enterprise partners – reduces consumption of natural resources and energy.

Saving CO2 Emissions

Diverting unwanted items to our redistribution pool reduces landfill greenhouse emissions and the land area required to assimilate solid waste, making it kinder to our planet.



We are proud to have developed long lasting partnerships with numerous large businesses. We have worked with ITV for over a decade, managing the ethical clearances of redundant IT and office equipment from sites all around the UK.

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