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Helping businesses see the untapped potential of their redundant items

We understand that in some cases, written down allowances and tax functions make it commercially sensible to purchase new equipment every few years. In other cases, we understand you might be changing premises and have a surplus of furniture.

So the question is, what choice will you make with your redundant furniture?

We believe that ‘waste’ is a wasted opportunity to do good. That’s why we created the Waste to Wonder process, featuring our School in a Box programme.

You save on disposal costs, reduce the impact on the environment, and turn your redundant items into a valuable assets to demonstrate CSR.

From your perspective, it’s as simple as engaging with any other logistics provider. However, when you choose Waste to Wonder, you fundamentally achieve better results that strengthen and support your business.

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Ethical Clearances with

Unrivalled Results

Save on Clearance Costs

It makes financial sense to do the right thing. All redundant furniture redistributed by Waste to Wonder immediately saves any recycling costs.

Reduce Environmental Impact

80-100% reuse success rate means huge volumes of perfectly reusable equipment gets diverted from the national waste stream, saving on your environmental impact.

Create a CSR Legacy

Perhaps best of all, your redundant items enjoy a second life enhancing the lives of people living in some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world, leaving a legacy for your brand.


Wagstaff & Nationwide

We deliver three key results. As Darren Miles of Wagstaff Interior Group explains, as an FM provider, they’re used to seeing cost saving and carbon reports, buts its seeing his customer’s furniture repurposed through our ‘School in a Box’ initiative with FAST Romania that makes the biggest impact. 

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