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Become a Charity Partner of the Waste to Wonder Trust and you can receive reusable office equipment for your school, charity or good cause.

From furniture to IT equipment, items are kindly donated by Waste to Wonder customers and matched to your needs through our School in a Box Initiative, helping change the lives of communities in the UK and around the world.

How it Works

Register your Organisation

Whether you’re a school, an education setting, a social enterprise or a vocational training centre, we’d love to hear about your work and welcome you to our redistribution community.


You might need enough desks and chairs to equip a school, bookcases and computers to equip a library, or even catering equipment to help a hospital, share with us your needs and wishlist.

Receive a School in a Box

We match your needs with items in our warehouse or upcoming projects. When your School in a Box shipment is ready, you will receive a 40ft container of freely donated items, worth up to £25,000.

Help Us Share The Story

The photos, videos and messages you provide are vital in helping us raise awareness of this programme, encouraging more businesses to donate and helping more charities in the future.

Our Work In Action


School in a Box (SIB) is the international programme Waste to Wonder embarked upon 10 years ago. Since it began, we’ve sent thousands of 40 foot containers filled with used office furniture and equipment donated on behalf of our customers, from their clearance projects.

Every item donated through the Waste to Wonder process is sent to our redistribution pool. We match them to schools and charities in need around the world and have achieved staggering results. In total, we’re proud that over 1,200 schools in 27 countries have been supported so far.

Watch the FAST Romania Project


“Our partnership started with Waste to Wonder 10 years ago when they sent their first School in a Box to us in Romania, after being introduced by the Rotary Club of Brackley. Through their customers’ donations, we’ve equipped a full school, from computers to desks to chairs to cabinets – everything that was needed was provided. 

Prior to these donations, the schools here had such old, broken and even dangerous furniture, so these items with school supplies were extremely useful. Together with the Rotary club, they also sent kits for training young people in sowing, woodwork and mechanics. It’s been a truly amazing collaboration. 

Over the years we’ve kept in touch and recently we became also social enterprise. We aim not to just hand out charitable items to people, but we try to teach them ‘how to fish’. Our aim is through vocational training, to help people get a job and provide for their families.

Waste to Wonder comes in perfectly because they send us second hand furniture that’s dismantled. We put it together with the young people here: they learn joinery, they learn remedial work, and some is repurposed to make them suitable for our needs, such as singular desks for COVID compliance.  

We get a lot of tabletops so we build houses, homes for families and we use table tops to make panels for the walls and even for the foundations.

Before the pandemic, we relied a lot on volunteers but for the last six months, the School in a Box donations that have kept us going. Thankfully we received three containers of new furniture in November. We gave out supplies to families and part of it we’re selling to support the salaries and cover the costs of our charity work.”

Daniel Hristea

FAST Romania

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UK Based

Register your needs

Let us know what your organisation could benefit from and we will search our redistribution pool to match items for you. When a School in a Box is ready, we’ll arrange suitable colleciton or delivery (if possible).

Complete Paperwork

All parties will sign and complete a memorandum of understanding prior to collection or delivery.

Non-UK Based

Register & Plan Logistics 

Share your needs and we will identify items to suit your organisation. We load your School in a Box and transport to UK port. Recipients take the lead on arranging clearing agents at the destination port and logistics in the destination country.  

Complete Paperwork

All parties will sign and complete a memorandum of understanding prior to collection or delivery.

Share the Story

We ask for photos, videos and written messages from your recipient organisation. We share this information with the businesses who donated their items, as well as raising awareness to prospective businesses, helping us to continue the School in a Box programme.

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