Sowing seeds of hope

Waste to Wonder Worldwide is expanding our impact with the launch of the ‘Sustainability Cookery School’ in Gambia. This initiative builds on our successful ‘School in a Box’ programme which to date has equipped 1,400 schools in over 40 countries.

The Cookery School aims to cultivate skills in Sustainable Cooking, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Tourism among young individuals. This pilot project, led by renowned Chef Conor Spacey and in collaboration with the Global Orphan Empowerment Academy, is designed to equip the community with the tools and skills necessary for sustainable cooking and agriculture, fostering self-reliance and the ability to rise from poverty, generation after generation.

Importantly, the cookery school aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Goals by promoting responsible consumption and production patterns, aiming to significantly reduce waste by teaching sustainable cooking techniques and the use of local, sustainably sourced ingredients.