Waste to Wonder completes Challenge100 – its 100th School in a Box delivery of 2021

Written by Michael Amos

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Everybody Wins.

We provide cost-effective, large scale clearance solutions that promote the ethical reuse of furniture and equipment whilst also supporting our client’s environmental, social, and governance ambitions and as part of our service we also produce videos and reports to provide customers with auditable evidence of their sound investment.

On average, 97% of the goods we clear have been re-used, just 3% have been recycled, and none of it has been sent to landfill.

Ethical clearance company Waste to Wonder is celebrating completing its ambitious Challenge100 campaign, which has seen 100 School in a Box containers filled with office furniture and equipment sent to developing nations since the start of 2021, worth £2.5 million in fair market value or a staggering £17.5 million in retail value.

Having originally set this target for the end of the year, the 100th box was sent on 19 October to Tema in Ghana completing the enormous challenge two months ahead of schedule. This milestone leaves Waste to Wonder with even more time and resources to help equip schools and charities worldwide with redundant furniture before the year completes. 

Michael Amos, Managing Director, says, “We cannot thank our customers and partners enough for supporting Challenge100. Without their conscientious decision to ethically clear their offices, this wouldn’t be possible. Each School in a Box is a 40-foot container packed with approximately £25,000 worth of redundant furniture which we clear for companies who prioritise reuse rather than recycling.

“Using our redistribution pool, we then match items with charities, schools and training centres around the world, which in many cases makes a generational difference to that community. For these communities, these items aren’t just useful or convenient – they play a significant role in helping to break the cycle of poverty through education.”

Alongside the CSR and environmental benefits, companies using the Waste to Wonder service often save significant amounts on landfill taxes. It’s a true win-win for everyone involved as businesses know they’re saving money and making the world a better place, while recipient schools and charities get access to quality goods they might not otherwise be able to acquire.

Vince Smith, Operations Director, says, “We’re beyond thrilled to meet our target two months ahead of schedule which is testament to everyone’s hard work. So many young people throughout the world are benefiting from the equipment and furniture from our growing customer base.

“We’re excited to plan for our next challenge so I encourage any business with redundant office furniture to consider reuse before recycling. Working with us, we will show you the impact of your School in a Box and the difference it makes to people around the world.”

Waste to Wonder is now planning to launch its 2022 campaign for School in a Box. Businesses who have a clearance need and would like to be part of the School in a Box initiative can contact the team on 0844 809 4928, or visit our website to get started. Every usable item you no longer need can make someone else’s life better.  

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