Partner case study: Wagstaff Interiors Group

Written by Michael Amos

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Everybody Wins.

We provide cost-effective, large scale clearance solutions that promote the ethical reuse of furniture and equipment whilst also supporting our client’s environmental, social, and governance ambitions and as part of our service we also produce videos and reports to provide customers with auditable evidence of their sound investment.

On average, 97% of the goods we clear have been re-used, just 3% have been recycled, and none of it has been sent to landfill.

An organisation as closely involved with furniture as Wagstaff was always going to be a natural partnership for Waste To Wonder.


Wagstaff deal with anything related to commercial interiors – designing, fitting out, supplying furniture, and managing office moves. They understand the unique and crucial role office design plays in a productive and happy workforce.


But with a goal of 100% reuse and 0% waste, it’s their environmentally- minded ethos that really goes hand-in-hand with what we do at Waste to Wonder.


A project that Illustrates the Partnership:


The partnership between Wagstaff and Waste to Wonder began when Wagstaff was tasked with a major furniture disposal project in Edinburgh.


The client, energy researchers and consultants Wood Mackenzie, wanted to see the highest environmental standards met during the move.


Waste to Wonder stepped in to clear just over 61 tonnes of redundant office equipment.


Some of the furniture was redistributed across several British schools. The rest was packed and palletised into our 40-foot School in a Box containers, ready for shipment to the Sonibron Educational Trust Elmina in Ghana. The items sent here benefited over 3,000 people across 10 schools in the region.


The total value of the items was £26,350. That counts as a charitable donation from Wood Mackenzie, and a huge helping hand for schools across the world.


13 years of Donations


Over 13 years, Wagstaff and their public sector clients have made hundreds of donations across many initiatives. They have donated an estimated 25 School in a Box containers. Many have gone to a Roma community in Romania, where it’s repurposed, distributed, or used in training workshops that teach young people how to make a living.


Wagstaff team members, along with their clients, have personally visited the charities in Romania to see the repurposed furniture in use.


Nick Shann, Managing Director of Wagstaff Interiors Group says, “We champion reuse and recycling to avoid landfill, and have even travelled to a recipient charity to witness first-hand the profound legacy of these clearance projects. Since 2009, Wagstaff has been involved in SIB in 12 countries and I would estimate 25 School in a Box (SIB) shipments. Each SIB contains an estimated 16 tonnes of equipment, so over 400 Tonnes have been redistributed from Wagstaff clients.


“As a UK leading commercial office design and fit-out company, one of the key services we offer our clients is managing their unwanted furniture in a sustainable way so we look forward to continuing working with Waste to Wonder and seeing the impact of  their School in a Box programme unfold.”


Michael Amos, Managing Director of Waste to Wonder, says of the partnership: “Working with Wagstaff over the last 13 years has been a pleasure. We’re proud that helping them to offer socially conscious clearance solutions for their clients has resulted in genuine change in some of the poorest regions in the world, enabling Wagstaff to demonstrate to their clients first-hand the positive impact their donations make to our charity partners.”


“Working with Partners like Wagstaff who totally embrace their Corporate Social Responsibility is a genuine pleasure and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Wagstaff and their clients for years to come.”

Are you looking for an ethical clearance provider?

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