Waste to Wonder launches Challenge150 to donate £3.9 million of furniture in 2022

Written by Michael Amos

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We provide cost-effective, large scale clearance solutions that promote the ethical reuse of furniture and equipment whilst also supporting our client’s environmental, social, and governance ambitions and as part of our service we also produce videos and reports to provide customers with auditable evidence of their sound investment.

On average, 97% of the goods we clear have been re-used, just 3% have been recycled, and none of it has been sent to landfill.

After an unprecedented year, Waste to Wonder is proudly launching the next target for its international School in a Box programme: Challenge150. The new campaign will see the ethical clearance company aiming to set a new record of 150 School in a Box deliveries by the end of 2022, equating to a huge £3.9 million worth of furniture donations.

Each School in a Box is filled with redundant office furniture generously donated by Waste to Wonder’s clearance customers. With typically 80-100% of the furniture Waste to Wonder removes from offices in UK entering this redistribution programme, vital items such as chairs, desks and cabinets are matched with charity and school partners around the world, helping young people in disadvantaged communities to access better education opportunities.

Alan Cooper, Director of Communications for Waste to Wonder says, “Following the success of Challenge100, we’re delighted to be stretching ourselves even further to help communities in need and the environment.

“The combined value of Challenge150 will equate to £3.9 million in fair market value, or an eye-watering £27.3 million in retail value if schools or charities were to purchase these items new. However, the success of this programme extends further than the people it helps as redistribution is kinder to the environment than recycling which is something increasingly important on the business world’s agenda.”

In 2021, Challenge100 saw 1,600 tonnes worth of furniture redistributed – doubling the output of 2020 – Challenge150 will see a colossal 2,400 tonnes of reusable furniture diverted from the national waste stream reducing carbon significantly.

Michael Amos, Managing Director, says, “We’re over the moon to have reached our Challenge100 target earlier than expected, and we’re confident we’ll hit the ambitious Challenge150 target too. We are always thankful to our donating partners – they are making a real, measurable difference in peoples’ lives and when we receive the videos and photos of the children these donations help, it really is the best feeling in the world.”

Since Waste to Wonder started the programme in 2002, its helped equip over 1,000 schools in 23 countries with vital chairs, desks and office items to help break the cycle of poverty through education. As relationships with recipient organisations flourish and new charities come forward, there are always lots more communities and schools in need of reusable office equipment.

By choosing to donate redundant furniture to the School in a Box programme, you will enhance access to learning in deprived communities around the world, and help shape better futures for both children and adults. If you have a clearance project of 50 or more workstations you’d like to donate, visit https://www.wastetowonder.com/challenge-150/ and contact Waste to Wonder and become part of the challenge.


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