Waste to Wonder and Books2Africa Launch New Charity Partnership

Written by Michael Amos

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Waste to Wonder and Books2Africa have announced an exciting new partnership, where their two charitable programmes will work hand in hand to renovate, furnish and equip schools all over the African continent.

Since its beginnings in 2012, Books2Africa has delivered almost 2 million books to African children, as well as computers and educational resources. Waste to Wonder, a leading ethical clearance provider, has donated £1.25 million worth of furniture to schools and charities this year alone through its international redistribution programme, School in a Box.


The two organisations will form a powerful partnership where Books2Africa’s ‘School Fix’ programme will marry with Waste to Wonder’s ‘School in A Box’ programme. Together, they will bring much needed equipment and educational resources to rural schools and disadvantaged children across the continent.


Founding Trustee and Executive Director of Operations for Books2Africa, Dr Tonson Sango, says: “We’re excited to be partnering with Waste to Wonder. We have recently acquired a new distribution centre in Nigeria which will be our hub to store books, resources, and now donations from Waste to Wonder’s partners and customers.


“Our pilot project will help us to equip our distribution centre to help us set up our operations out there, with additional resources going to support a School Fix programme. We cannot wait to see the outcome and look forward to our partnership with Waste to Wonder growing.”


Dr Sango, together with his wife Precious and two siblings Chumang and Gideon started Books2Africa whilst studying at the University of Kent in the UK. The charity has grown to amass a strong network of recipient organisations, as well as major corporate sponsors such as Google, Hootsuite, Macmillan Education and many more.


Michael Amos, Managing Director of Waste to Wonder, says: “We’re thrilled to be working with such an inspirational charity as Books2Africa. Their record in improving access to education for communities across the continent is outstanding.


“Books2Africa’s ethos is to help communities acquire knowledge and achieve their full potential in a globalized world. This strongly aligns to our commitment of helping global communities break the cycle of poverty through access to educational resources. We look forward to seeing what incredible things can be achieved through School Fix and School in a Box.”


The School Fix programme’s key aim is to address the 202 million children and teenagers in Sub-Saharan Africa who are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and maths. School Fix works to improve health and safety in schools, accessibility for the disabled, and overall student satisfaction, while addressing the 13 million books that go to landfill in the UK each year.


To find out more about the work Books2Africa achieves, please visit https://books2africa.org/impact/ or to find out more about Waste to Wonder’s Challege100 target for School in a Box, please visit https://www.wastetowonder.com/challenge-100/.

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