Waste to Wonder reaches £1.25m milestone of furniture donated to Global Charities

Written by Michael Amos

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We provide cost-effective, large scale clearance solutions that promote the ethical reuse of furniture and equipment whilst also supporting our client’s environmental, social, and governance ambitions and as part of our service we also produce videos and reports to provide customers with auditable evidence of their sound investment.

On average, 97% of the goods we clear have been re-used, just 3% have been recycled, and none of it has been sent to landfill.

Waste to Wonder, an ethical office clearance provider, has now hit the halfway mark of their impressive goal to donate £2.5 million worth of furniture to schools and charities around the world in 2021.

 This milestone is part of Challenge100, which aims to deliver 100 School in a Box containers this year. If achieved, an estimated £2.5 million worth of desperately needed desks, chairs, cabinets and other crucial items will enhance the lives of young people living in some of the world’s poorest communities.

 School in a Box containers are 40-foot containers full of furniture and essential equipment generously donated by Waste to Wonder’s customers and partners after and Ethical Clearance takes place. Waste to Wonder has now sent an impressive 50 to global charities before their end-of-June target, weighing over 800 tonnes in total, and equating to a fair market value of £1.25 million.

 Marie Gillen, Executive Director of International Humanitarian Programs at Global Orphan Education Academy, said: “We thank Waste to Wonder, their partners and customers for their Challenge100 donations. Earlier in June, we delivered a School in a Box to Penyem Technical Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Kombo Central District of the Gambia’s West Coast Region, where hundreds of pupils and teachers lined the streets to applaud the arrival of their new furniture and equipment. It’s extremely humbling to see how much these donations mean to disadvantaged communities, and to see the difference it makes to the quality of their education.”

 Redundant furniture is often disregarded, particularly in the working environment. However, it’s very rare that a functional piece of furniture is useless. With many disadvantaged communities in need of quality equipment, there is always demand – it’s just a case of matching it with those who need it most. That’s Waste to Wonder’s reason for being. 

 Michael Amos, Managing Director of Waste to Wonder, said: “We’re delighted to have achieved this significant milestone ahead of schedule and, more importantly, to see the immeasurable impact these donations make to schools such as the one in Senegal. We call on more businesses to challenge their perception of waste when they have a clearance to undertake and recognise the positive impact their redundant furniture can make. Our Ethical Clearance and redistribution process creates a win-win-win for businesses, environment and the citizens they donate to globally.”

 Brands and businesses that partner with Waste to Wonder allow the company to match with those schools and charities who can continue to benefit from it. Not only are they doing good for the world and the environment, but with an average of over 80% reuse rate, they often save substantial amounts on waste disposal costs for businesses too. From 50 to 10,000 workstations, for more information or to discuss an Ethical Clearance project, please visit: wastetowonder.com/challenge-100




Charlie Thompson

PR Manager



Waste to Wonder’s charity programmes, including School in a Box, have delivered redundant office furniture to more than 1,000 schools in over 23 countries. Our goal is to encourage businesses to redistribute their redundant office equipment and furniture to commit to corporate social responsibility and become more socially conscious with their furniture waste.

This case study is available for more information about ethical clearance and its social and environmental impact. Businesses thinking of making the switch to remote working as a result of the pandemic and that are interested in ethical clearance can get in touch with Waste to Wonder at info@wastetowonder.com or on 0844 809 4928



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